Thursday, July 31, 2008

A whole blog about street fighter roleplaying?

Well, yes, actually. That and a little bit more.

I have a lot to say about Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, and about martial arts rpgs, campaign resources, techniques, and game design. Blogging is a perfect way to talk about it, and hopefully to get some discussion going with other people who are interested as well.

Since this is an introductory post, I thought I'd use it to talk a little bit about the kinds of things I'll be doing here. It's an open ended list, but this is a start.

I'll be talking about White Wolf's (now long out of print) Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game. That includes talking about the styles, special maneuvers, and characters in the original game, as well as statting up characters from the video game in SF:tSG terms. Eventually, after enough blog posts, I expect to have statted up every character from the official street fighter video game series.

I'll also be sharing various resources we've found useful in our home campaigns over the years, like tables of special maneuvers, standardized keywords for keeping track of what kinds of effects various maneuvers have, combat cards, and so on.

I'll also be talking about various game designs of my own. It seems like two out of every three ideas I have for rpgs are martial arts rpgs, and I'll be talking about these games here. This includes an OGL/d20 based street fighter rpg I've toyed around with designing, and it also includes various other rpg I've toyed around with such as Fist of the Assassin (a work-in-progress kung fu fighting rpg with "real time" combat) and Proving Ground (a game inspired by fighting and MMA manga including Grappler Baki, Tough, Shamo, and Garouden).

I may also talk about roleplaying games in general, from time to time.

This is also a blog about the street fighter phenomenon, and anything street fighter related might find a place here. This includes cool pieces of street fighter art found in the wilds of the internet, links to street fighter news and websites, and talk about street fighter comics, toys, and so on.