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A World of Martial Arts for Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game

Let’s say you're playing Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game using only the core rulebook and Secrets of the Shadoloo but you still want a wider range of martial arts to be available to the characters. This post offers a quick and dirty way to accomplish that. It’s based on a simple premise—that you can create a reasonably large range of styles with a few tweaks to the existing martial arts in the game.

I’ve been meaning to do a more extensive job of creating and organizing a large list of styles, but it is a very time-consuming process. This is an attempt at a workable system that gets me to a large style list without the time investment needed to create entire styles from scratch. In campaign play, I imagine I would expand on this to develop a full suite of styles over time. For now, though, this will do for pick up games. (pdf copy here.)

  • These are cinematic styles, so they play very fast and loose with reality. I’ve made some adjustments to named styles to make them at least somewhat better resemble their video game or real world counterparts where I had some relevant knowledge, but they’re still very loose. For example, there are still punches in styles that don’t include much punching, and so on. There’s a whole lot of artistic license in here that won’t hold up to the scrutiny of martial arts connoisseurs. I'm ok with that.
  • Where the new style differs from the base style in terms of starting Chi and Willpower, the new style’s starting Chi/Will is given in the text. 
  • You’ll need to reinterpret many existing moves to fit the look of the style. I haven’t included much in the way of description, but Google and Wikipedia are good starting points. For example, a move like Siberian Bear Crusher might be reinterpreted as a shoot and slam for a wrestler, a flying power bomb for a professional wrestler, and a quick forward dash followed by a wrist lock throw for Aikido. For a brawler from the streets, Flying Head Butt may stay a flying head butt… or it may be the result of dashing into someone and straight up shoulder checking them or just slamming into them, as countless Final Fight battles have shown.
  • I haven’t included many heavily weapon-based styles in the list, and the styles that are included are a fairly ad hoc collection.
  • Multiples are included for certain styles in order to bring the number of items on the list to 100 (there are 71 unique entries on the list), in case you want to roll up random styles from this list.

A World of Martial Arts

  1. Aikido: Use Native American Wrestling (Chi 5, Will 2). Remove Spinning Clothesline and all Athletics maneuvers. Add Siberian Bear Crusher (4), Fireball (3) and Stunning Shout (2).
  2. Aikido
  3. American Ninjitsu: Use Special Forces Training (Chi 3, Willpower 4). Purchase Focus maneuvers from the Any list.
  4. Bio/Cyber: Use Kabaddi (Chi 4, Will 3). Add Spinning Clothesline (4) and Turbo Spinning Clothesline (4). Assume all Focus maneuvers are powered by bio/cyber implants. (They still cost Chi.)
  5. Boxing: Use Boxing. Add Boxing Punches (1), which gives a Punch version of Short, Forward, and Roundhouse Kick.
  6. Boxing
  7. Boxing
  8. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Use Sanbo (Chi 2, Will 5). Remove Punch maneuvers except Ear Pop. Add  Wounded Knee (2).
  9. Bushin-ryu Ninjutsu: Use Wushu. Remove Fireball maneuvers. Add Elbow Smash (1) and Lightfeet (3).
  10. Capoeira: Use Capoeira. Add Capoeira Kicks (1), which gives a Kick version of Jab, Strong, and Fierce Punch. Add Handstand Kick (1). Assume that rolling attacks consist of cartwheel and spinning kicks.
  11. Catch Wrestling: Use Sanbo.
  12. Crane Fist: Use Kung Fu. Add Crane Fist, which allows any basic punch to be made with a reach of 1, but which misses opponents within the fighter’s hex. (The Crane Fist combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the Basic Punch it will modify.)
  13. Dog Boxing (gouquan): Use Capoeira. Remove Backflip and Musical Accompaniment. Add Grab maneuvers from Special Forces.
  14. Dragon Fist: Use Kung Fu. Add Dragon Claw (2), which adds +1 to speed, damage, and movement of any basic punch for a cost of 1 Chi. (The Dragon Claw combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the Basic Punch it will modify.)
  15. Drunken Fist (zuiquan): Use Wushu. Remove Rekka Ken. Add Cup Hand Strike (1), which allows a swaying block/dodge while using basic punches (-1 damage, +1 soak when using a Basic Punch). (The Cup Hand combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the Basic Punch it will modify.)
  16. Eagle Claw: Use Native American Wrestling. Remove Spinning Clothesline and Shockwave. Add Eagle Claw (1), which allows any basic punch to be made at -1 damage in exchange for a +1 speed to any Grab next turn. (The Eagle Claw combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the Basic Punch it will modify.)
  17. Eight Trigram Boxing (baguaquan—Pa Kua): Use Kung Fu (Chi 6, Will 1). Remove Kicks. Add Grabs from Native American Wrestling. Add Walking the Circle (3)—at the cost of 1 Chi, the fighter may move one hex immediately after completing an attack. (The Circle Walking combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the special maneuver it will modify.)
  18. Glima: Use Native American Wrestling. Remove Diving Hawk and Thunder Strike. Add Ice Blast (3).
  19. Goju-ryu Karate: Use Shotokan Karate (Chi 4, Will 3). Remove Flaming Dragon Punch, Improved Fireball, and Flying Fireball. Add Regeneration (2), Mind Reading (3), and Zen No Mind (3).
  20. Goju-ryu Karate
  21. Goju-ryu Karate
  22. Goutetsukan Karate: Use Shotokan Karate. Add Yoga Teleport (5).
  23. Grand Ultimate Boxing (taiqiquan—Tai Chi): Use Kung Fu (Chi 6, Will 2). Remove Kicks. Add Focus maneuvers from Kabaddi, except Extendible Limbs. All fire-based attacks become extended Chi attacks.
  24. Grand Ultimate Boxing (Tai Chi)
  25. Grand Ultimate Boxing (Tai Chi)
  26. Hapkido: Use Special Forces Training (Chi 3, Will 4). Remove Cannon Drill. Add Fireball (3), Regeneration (2), and Chi Kung Healing (4).
  27. Hwarang Do: Use Kung Fu. Remove Dim Mak, Rekka Ken, and Dragon Kick.
  28. Isshin-ryu Karate: Use Western Kickboxing. Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken. Add Maka Wara (3), San He (3), and Toughskin (3).
  29. Jeet Kune Do: Use Kung Fu (Chi 1, Will 6). Remove Dim Mak.
  30. Judo: Use Native American Wrestling (Chi 3, Will 4). Remove Punches and Athletics maneuvers. Remove Thunderclap and Ghost Form. Add Back Roll Throw (1), Siberian Bear Crusher (4), and Fireball (3).
  31. Judo
  32. Judo
  33. Jujutsu: Use Native American Wrestling. Add Back Roll Throw (1), Fireball (4), and Improved Fireball (4).
  34. Kalari Payat: Use Kung Fu. Remove Dim Mak and Rekka Ken.
  35. Kanzuki-ryu Bujutsu: Use Kung Fu (Chi 2, Will 5). Remove Dim Mak and all Fireball maneuvers. Allow Kicks to be included in Rekka Ken, which also has a prerequisite of Kick 4.
  36. Karate: Use Western Kickboxing. Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken.  Add Fireball (3) and Stunning Shout (2). Name your style of Karate.
  37. Karate
  38. Karate
  39. Kickboxing: Use Western Kickboxing.
  40. Kickboxing
  41. Kickboxing
  42. Kung Fu: Use Kung Fu or Wushu. (Your Choice.) Name your style of Kung Fu.
  43. Kung Fu
  44. Kung Fu
  45. Kushti (Indian Wrestling): Use Sanbo.
  46. Kyokushinkai Karate: Use Western Kickboxing. Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken. Add Osu! (use Psychokinetic Channeling) (4) and Toughskin (3).
  47. Kyokushin Karate
  48. Lucha Libre: Use Native American Wrestling. Remove all Focus maneuvers. Add Athletics maneuvers from Wushu.
  49. Mantis Fist: Use Kung Fu. Add Mantis Fist (2), which allows any basic punch to be made at -1 damage in exchange for a -1 movement penalty to the opponent next turn. (The Mantis Fist combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the Basic Punch it will modify.)
  50. Mind and Body Boxing (xingyiquan—Ching-I):Use Boxing (Chi 6, Will 1). All Head Butt maneuvers become strikes (Names for Punches: Chopping Strike, Drilling Strike, Crushing Strike, Exploding Strike, Crossing Strike). All Grabs become unbalancing attacks (KD in hex)—when the boxer uses an unbalancing attack (or throw), it does not look like a throw – only a touch is necessary (Names for Grabs: Unbalancing, Taking the Root, Cutting the Root.) Add Stunning Shout (2).
  51. Mongolian Wrestling (Bkyukl Bökh): Use Native American Wrestling. Replace all Sustained Hold effects with KD effects. Remove Ghost Form. Keep the Diving Hawk and Rising Hawk theme: eagles/hawks are thematically appropriate for Mongolian Wrestling.
  52. Monkey Boxing: Use Kung Fu. Remove Dragon Punch, Dim Mak, and Rekka Ken. Add Beast Roll (3), Rolling Attack (3), and Vertical Rolling Attack (2).
  53. Ninjutsu: Use Spanish Ninjitsu. Add all Focus maneuvers from Shotokan Karate. Name your style of Ninjutsu.
  54. Old Bujutsu: Use Kung Fu. Remove Dim Mak. Make Fireball (3), Improved Fireball (3), and Flying Fireball (3). Add Stunning Shout (2).
  55. Pankration: Use Sanbo.
  56. Pencak Silat: Use Kung Fu. Remove Dim Mak, Rekka Ken, and Dragon Kick.
  57. Pro Wrestling: Use Sanbo.
  58. Pro Wrestling
  59. Psycho Power: Use Ler Drit.
  60. Rindokan Karate: Use Western Kickboxing. Add Maka Wara (3), San He (3), and Toughskin (3).
  61. Saikyo-ryu: Use Shotokan Karate. Fireball has a range equal to Wits. Remove Improved Fireball and Flying Fireball.
  62. Sambo: Use Sanbo.
  63. San Shou: Use Western Kickboxing. Replaced all sustained hold effects with knockdown and throw effects (all Grabs are sweeps or throws).
  64. Savate: Use Western Kickboxing. Add Flash Kick (4).
  65. Secret Agent Combat Training: Use Special Forces Training.
  66. Secret Agent
  67. Senjutsu: Use Kabaddi.
  68. Shaolin Temple Boxing: Use Kung Fu (Chi 2, Will 5).
  69. Shaolin
  70. Shorinji Kempo: Use Kung Fu. Remove Dim Mak, Rekka Ken, and Dragon Kick.
  71. Shorin-ryu Karate: Use Western Kickboxing.Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken. Add Fireball (3).
  72. Shotokan Karate: Use Western Kickboxing. Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken. Add Fireball (3), San He (3), and Toughskin (2).
  73. Shotokan
  74. Shuai Jiao: Use Native American Wrestling (Chi 4, Will 3).
  75. Snake Fist: Use Kabaddi. Remove Head Butt maneuvers and all Fireball maneuvers. Add Dim Mak (4).
  76. Soaring Heavens Kung Fu (feitinkuen): Use Kung Fu.
  77. Spanish Ninjitsu: Use Spanish Ninjitsu.
  78. Special Forces Training: Use Special Forces Training.
  79. Special Forces
  80. Street Fighting: Use Boxing. Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken. Add Flying Head Butt (2).
  81. Street Fighting
  82. Sumai (Old Style Combat Sumo): Use Sumo.
  83. Sumo: Use Native American Wrestling. Remove Diving Hawk and Thunder Strike. Replace all Sustained Hold effects with KD.
  84. Tae Kwon Do: Use Wushu (SFtSG, p. 99). Remove Rekka Ken and Backflip. Add Flash Kick (4). Add Tae Kwon Do Kicks (1), which gives a Kick version of Jab, Strong, and Fierce Punch.
  85. Tae Kwon Do
  86. Tae Kwon Do
  87. Thai Kickboxing (Muay Thai): Use Thai Kickboxing. Remove Dragon Punch (unless learned from Sagat).
  88. Thai Kickboxing
  89. Thunderfoot Martial Arts (Folkstyle Wrestling): Use Native American Wrestling.
  90. Tiger Claw (Fu Jow Pai): Use Kung Fu. Remove Dim Mak. Add Tiger Claw, which allows a basic punch to be made at -1 movement for +1 damage. (The Tiger Claw combat card must be selected at the beginning of the turn alongside the Basic Punch it will modify.)
  91. Wado-ryu Karate: Use Western Kickboxing. Remove Hyper Fist and Rekka Ken. Add Back Roll Throw (1), Back Breaker (2), and Neck Choke (1).
  92. Wing Chun: Use Boxing (Chi 2, Will 5). Add Trapping Strike (Monkey Grab Punch) (1). Make Rekka Ken (4). Remove Grab and Athletics maneuvers.
  93. Wing Chun
  94. Wrestling: Use Sanbo. Remove all Punch, Kick, & Athletics maneuvers.
  95. Wrestling
  96. Wudan Temple Boxing: Use Kung Fu (Chi 5, Will 2).
  97. Wudan Temple Boxing
  98. Yağlı Güreş (Turkish Wrestling):  Use Sanbo.
  99. Yoga: Use Kabaddi.
  100. Yoga

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We have a fight coming up. What do you think about that?

Sometimes you have a tournament and need to establish some prior history or attitudes between NPC fighters. You can choose one fighter to roll for and read the table from that fighter's perspective, or you can roll once for each.

Also available in a printer friendly format.

1. This is a sport, and I'm looking forward to a good fight.
2. You have a problem with me for personal reasons. I stole your girl/guy, and I'm not going to apologize. I'll try not to make you look too bad out there.
3. I always beat you. This time won't be any different.
4. I always win this one. It's just a good match up for me.
5. I've beaten you before. This fight is going to go just like the last one.
6. Remember the last time? I beat you so bad it was embarrassing for both of us.
7. For me, it's just another fight, but for you it seems to be personal. I don't know why.
8. You're jealous of my skill. You've been trying to copy me. We both know it.
9. I'm successful, and you want that, and it's making you hungry. Good. But don't forget I got to where I am for a reason.
10. You're just another W on my record.
11. I have to beat you to move up. It's the next logical step for me.
12. I have no respect for you as a fighter.
13. I just don't like you.
14. Nobody likes you. I'm doing everybody a favor here.
15. You're famous, and that makes this a no lose fight for me.
16. You're tough, but I can handle it. That just makes me work harder.
17. You're not even a real fighter. You're just a martial artist.
18. You're school/style isn't very good.
19. You don't do your homework and study the tapes like I do, and it's going to cost you.
20. Everyone knows you're a natural, but you don't train hard enough.
21. Everyone falls. It's your turn.
22. I've been working hard, and it's my time now.
23. I'm going out there and I'm going to outwork you.
24. You've got heart, that much we know. But is it enough?
25. I'm going to take you deep, and test your heart.
26. You never work enough on conditioning. You're going to get tired and sloppy, and I'll be ready.
27. You're going to make a mistake, and it'll only take one. I'm going to capitalize on it.
28. It's always a joy to watch you fight, and I'm looking forward to going up against you.
29. Let's go out there and put on a good show for the fans.
30. I always give everything, no matter who my opponent is.
31. I'm going to get you out of your comfort zone.
32. I'm going to beat you at your own game.
33. I've been studying your tapes, and I know your openings.
34. I'm a warrior, and this is going to be a war, not a sport fight.
35. You crossed the line when you said those things about me in that interview. I'm going to go out there and shut you up.
36. Your last fight made you famous, but it was a fluke, and I'm going to prove it.
37. You're a legend/rising star, but you're getting slow/old/careless, and I'm going to take advantage of that.
38. It's my night.
39. We've trained together, and I know your game.
40. You've beaten me in training but this is the real thing, and it's going to be different.
41. You're a good friend. Let's test each other out there.
42. I'm better than you.
43. You don't even deserve to be in the ring with me.
44. You're a wannabe.
45. You've got no heart, and I know it. You've been lucky so far, but I'm going to hurt you, and you're going to quit.
46. I'm going to make you look bad in front of your friends/sensei/girl/guy/family
47. You've had it easy, just like everybody else. You haven't had to work as hard as me to get here. You don't want it like I want it.
48. I don't care who you are -- it's all the same to me. They keep putting 'em in front of me, and I keep knocking 'em down.
49. Last time, our fight ended in a controversial decision. This time we're going to set the record straight.
50. We're one-for-one. Let's settle this.
51. I've beaten everyone else from your camp/dojo/family. I don't think you're going to be the one to change that.
52. I've beaten your sensei/trainer/teacher. You're not going to be any trouble.
53. Last time, we got in a fight in the hotel bar/elevator/parking lot. This time you don't have your friends with you.
54. You worry too much about advertising and self-promotion and your pretty abs and not enough about fighting.
55. You're just a fighter, not a true martial artist.
56. I fight to test myself, and you are a worthy test.
57. I'm an animal in there. You're going to regret taking this fight.
58. You betrayed me when you switched camps. That hurt. This is going to hurt too.
59. I train with people who've trained with you, and I have your number.
60. You hired my old trainers to prep you for this fight, but it's not going to help.
61. Our teams/schools are longstanding rivals, and I need to win this one for my team.
62. Our teams/schools are longstanding rivals, but that doesn't matter to me. I just want to have a good fight.
63. I've seen you fight, and you're always safe. You won't be safe in the ring with me.
64. I've seen you fight, and it's boring point-scoring. I'm going to make this one exciting.
65. I'm going to get on you and smother you, not give you room to move, make you play my game.
66. I've seen you fight, and it's always exciting. This fight won't be any different.
67. This is a great opportunity for both of us to get some new fans and raise our profiles.
68. I respect your skill as a fighter, but I'm going to win this one.
69. Mutual respect.
70. I have to admit, you beat me pretty bad last time. But I'm a different fighter than I was back then.
71. What exactly is your beef with me?
72. I'm going to pick you apart.
73. Mutual disrespect.
74. We've been trying to make this fight happen for a long time. Finally we're going to find out who is stronger.
75. It's been a while. Let's see who's stronger now.
76. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you have an unhealthy obsession with me.
77. You have a chip on your shoulder. You need to get over that if you're going to grow as a person and a fighter.
78. You think you're stronger than you are. This is going to be a wake up call.
79. You've had a good run lately, but you're due for a loss.
80. You've had a few wins, but you keep getting lucky.
81. You gave me my first loss, and it's time to avenge it.
82. Your game has holes in it, and I'm going to exploit them.
83. You've dishonored/disrespected your school/team/dojo, and you've got this coming.
84. You've dishonored/disrespected my school/team/dojo, and you've got this coming.
85. You killed my teacher!
86. You're secretly in league with Shadoloo, and I know it.
87. You're good. But not good enough.
88. Your style is unusual, and hard to read, but I'm going to go out there and break it.
89. I'm going to go out there and fight my fight, and win.
90. You're looking past me to your next opponent. That's a mistake.
91. You've got no soul, kid.
92. You're all business, no heart.
93. I'm a fan. I'm looking forward to seeing how I measure up.
94. You always choke in the big fights, and we both know it.
95. You're a known cheater, but it's not going to save you.
96. You're basically a bully. And I hate bullies.
97. We have a friendly rivalry.
98. We have a bitter rivalry.
99. I've taught you some things. Now you're going to get your chance to prove yourself.
100. Remember that time I kicked your ass? Yeah, so do I.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tell me about your Sensei

Roll 1d100 (pdf version)

1. taught me to strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy
2. is a funny drunk
3. is a mean drunk
4. resents me for learning so quickly and naturally
5. doesn't approve of using the martial arts for violence
6. is very competitive
7. can still beat me in a fight
8. is always very kindly
9. everything is a riddle
10. made me do all the house and yard work
11. made me strike and kick trees, rocks, and waterfalls in training
12. has very high hopes for me
13. puts me under a lot of pressure
14. supports me even when I fail
15. is very precise and demanding, expects precision from me
16. is in it for vengeance against Shadoloo
17. has a former student who was very talented and turned to evil
18. has a former student who was very talented and died young
19. has a former student who is kind of an embarrassment
20. is embarrassed by me
21. is kind of an embarrassment to me
22. has a reputation among the older generation as a trouble-maker
23. used to be tough as nails and beat everyone up
24. is still tough as nails and won't stop fighting
25. is a retired assassin who is now reformed
26. is a retired assassin who misses the good old days
27. used to be a soldier-of-fortune
28. used to be a bodyguard
29. has amnesia
30. is on the lam, wanted by the government for a crime he didn't commit
31. is in hiding from ninjas
32. is in the witness protection program
33. trained me for one goal: revenge on an old enemy
34. is haunted
35. is a ghost that possesses my body and teaches me to fight
36. is the last of an ancestral line of warriors, passing the knowledge on to me
37. was always masked, and I still don't know their true identity
38. knows a lot of famous martial artists and has stories about them
39. created their own style, which is the most powerful martial art ever devised
40. used to be great but is really out of shape now, but still teaches
41. won't talk about the old days
42. is a huge sports fan and still follows the fights closely
43. has a gambling problem
44. still works as a gardener, handyman, or fisherman
45. is a devoted hobbyist, only talks about fishing, fast cars, bird watching...
46. always makes inappropriate comments in public
47. meditates constantly, teaches meditation as the key to fighting
48. talks about inner peace a lot. I mean a lot.
49. has a huge school with lots of students in a remote compound
50. has a huge school with lots of students in a downtown mega-gym
51. is in it for the money
52. will only take one student at a time and is very loyal
53. will only take one student at a time and ejects poor students mercilessly
54. invented a secret "one hit kill" technique but won't teach me yet
55. has a media empire of training videos, books, licensed schools, etc.
56. is homeless and lives in the park
57. is a hermit who lives in the remote wilderness
58. trains just as hard as the students
59. has a rival who also teaches the same style in their school
60. is devoutly religious and required all students to comply with the religion
61. has many former students in positions of authority in government and industry
62. is a member of a global conspiracy of martial artists
63. is a member of the Shadoloo
64. is an agent of Interpol
65. is retired now and spends their time sipping mixed drinks on the beach
66. is so lewd
67. was never admitted to the Shaolin temple. Still bitter about it.
68. fights bears, tigers, or other animals to train. Made me do it too.
69. is always trying to one-up a former friend or rival using their students
70. is not above poisoning my opponents to give me an edge in fights
71. is a huge trash talker before my fights
72. worries about me and has a habit of throwing in the towel too early
73. usually ignored me, had a different favorite student
74. doesn't think I'll ever amount to anything
75. always told me I didn't work hard enough, I was too lazy
76. always told me I was their best student
77. kicked me out of the school
78. had a secret dojo in a suburban neighborhood
79. wanders the earth like Caine from Kung Fu
80. calls me all the time on the phone but never has anything to say
81. has never forgiven me for teaching that secret technique to an outsider
82. only calls when they want something
83. left the school to me in their will
84. was murdered by a former student
85. has gone rogue, and is tracking down and murdering former students one-by-one
86. may have secretly been a ninja
87. was a prodigy, and is younger than me
88. was grooming me to be an assassin, but I escaped when I found out
89. Sensei? My sensei was the streets.
90. was a tiger, a wolf, a bear, a snake, or another animal -- maybe more than one
91. was a sports legend in their youth, still remembered and adored by many
92. is a computer program martial arts download and VR simulation
93. has never been any good, but doesn't realize it
94. is fond of zen koans and uses unpredictable training methods
95. hates his job, is listless, bored, and sick of teaching
96. cares more about the quality of teaching than the quality of the martial arts
97. believes standards are important and is holding the line
98. is a genius loci, minor kami, or other spirit
99. is a biocyber or genetic martial arts code implanted into my body
100. is a robot

Monday, October 24, 2011

Why do you fight?

One hundred reasons people enter the street fighting circuit.(pdf)

1. Money
2. Fame
3. Prove myself
4. Competition
5. It's a rush
6. Want to be like Bruce Lee
7. Just love fighting
8. Don't know any other life
9. No other skills
10. Family tradition
11. Prove that my style is the best
12. Make my master proud
13. Impress a girl/boy
14. Socializing, meeting new people
15. Good at it
16. Feed my family
17. Training
18. Revenge
19. Learn who I am
20. Gain inner peace
21. Hate my father
22. Learn new secret techniques
23. Cultural exchange
24. I'm so angry
25. Only time I feel alive
26. Show up my former master
27. To perfect myself
28. I am developing the perfect martial art
29. I like beating people up
30. Prove I'm not afraid
31. Everything else is boring
32. So I can brag about it at work
33. It's a great workout
34. It keeps me motivated
35. To stand up for the week
36. I like the attention
37. It makes me better at doing crime
38. Build confidence
39. Show off
40. Love violence
41. I'm a survivor
42. Didn't know my father
43. I seek harmony of mind and body
44. It's a hobby
45. To try out new moves
46. My people are savages
47. Investigating Shadoloo
48. Just can't kick the habit
49. Save the family farm/dojo
50. Publicity for my singing career
51. My country is better than all other countries
52. Publicity for my Kung Fu school
53. It's a living
54. Keep my assassin skills sharp
55. I used to get bullied
56. Because I'm a warrior, a martial artist, it's in my blood
57. See the world, travel
58. Programmed/brainwashed to fight
59. Embarrass my family
60. I have a rival
61. Perfecting a technique
62. World domination
63. Vigilante justice
64. Enlightenment
65. I've just always been a huge fan
66. I'm a badass
67. Hated my old job
68. Mid-life crisis
69. I like pain
70. No one understands me
71. Meet potential clients for my mercenary/bodyguard/assassin business
72. Get advertising sponsorships
73. If you have to ask, you'll never know
74. It would be a waste to squander my gifts
75. I look so cool
76. Learn self-discipline
77. Be a role model for young people
78. Nervous tic
79. Test myself
80. I'm the best. Everyone needs to know that.
81. Japan is awesome
82. It's one of many sports I enjoy
83. Try to move up in the world, get out of the ranks of minions
84. I want to be just like Ryu
85. Learn self-defense
86. I'm in a cult
87. Keeping up with the Joneses
88. Friend, spouse, lover, or family member took it up, I signed up too
89. Saw it on TV. Those guys don't look so tough. I can do that.
90. Seeking the secret technique
91. They said I'd never amount to anything. Who's laughing now.
92. Religious reasons
93. Trying to break into showbiz
94. Reinvigorating a dying art
95. spy, soldier, secret agent, bodyguard, etc.
96. Recruiting for my organization
97. Hate myself and want to die
98. Looking for my father
99. For pride
100. It will make me immortal!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Speed in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game

Fast Attacks in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game

This is a simple comparative analysis of fast attacks, by which I mean all attacks with a Speed modifier of +1 or higher, in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game. This comparison limits itself only to the special maneuver listed in the core book, in their original forms.

Here they are in summary format:



Hyper Fist
+0 x3

Rekka Ken
Add 3 to SPD of punch, up to 3 rounds, Combo to dizzy
Turbo Spin Clothesline
Hit all adjacent, KB, 1 hit /Mv

Short Kick


Flying Knee Thrust
Air, Dodge

Abort, add Block Tech to Soak
Deflecting Punch
Block, then hit
Kick Defense
Block +4 vs Kick, -2 vs other
Punch Defense
Block +4 vs Punch, -2 vs other
San He
Block x2, No KD, No KB, no Spd bonus next turn
Missile Reflection
Roll Dex to catch and reflect missile attacks
Energy Reflection
Roll Wits to reflect Energy

Air Throw
vs. Air, KD, Mv-Hit-Mv
Grappling Defense
Add Grab to soak vs Grabs
Head Bite
Iron Claw
w 1st

Cannon Drill

Drunken Monkey Roll
Crouch, Dodge
Dodge, use w/ basic, Abort

Wall Spring
Air, Dodge, use w/ basic

Ghost Form
2c +
1 c/ turn to extend, insubstantial
Stunning Shout
Will vs. Will to cancel current or reduce speed next turn
Yoga Teleport
2 c
Move Int + Focus

In the core rules, no attacks have higher than a +2 speed. Higher speeds are reserved for movement and defensive maneuvers, exclusively. The highest speed core moves are Jab, Cannon Drill, Air Throw, and Stunning Shout. Air Throw is limited by the requirement that the opponent also be aerial for it to work, and Stunning Shout deals no actual damage—it just causes some degree of stun that will, hopefully, cancel the opponent’s attack or give the opponent a penalty next round. Its usefulness in a one-on-one fight is limited if used to interrupt—it amounts to spending a Chi to stop an opponent’s attack. If the opponent has chosen a heavy-hitting move, this could be fairly useful. If the opponent is doing something simple, however, it’s best to take the hit and then use the Stunning Shout in the hopes of setting something up next round.

Now, let’s look at the maneuvers from Secrets of the Shadoloo, and the Storyteller’s Screen.


Elbow Smash (SotS)

Knife Hand Strike (scrn)
Vs ½ Sta (round down)

Tiger Knee (SotS)
2 w
KD, Air, Dodge
Forward Backflip Kick (Storyteller’s Screen)
+1 x2
vs Air, KDA

Straight, Away, cannot be hit

Secrets of the Shadoloo introduces Tiger Knee as the fastest attack in the game. In the right combo (especially a Block combo), it can beat most fighters’ Block speeds. It makes for a good “backup plan” type maneuver. In a Block combo, it could be aborted to and used to do some serious damage and cause knock down. Elbow Smash is also a powerful addition—with its Speed and Damage, it is like a cheap Cannon Drill in some ways. The extra movement of Cannon Drill would often not be worth the Willpower cost, since unlike the video game, the maneuver doesn’t cause knock down in the RPG. Elbow Smash is also great just about anywhere in a combo.