Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giant Attack

The importance of action denial in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game means that the game can be pretty friendly to fast (high Dex) grapplers. It is much less kind to slow grapplers, like Zangief and Hugo, who are at decided disadvantage if they rely on their grab game in a fight. In the video game, characters like this tend to have decent range on grabs and throws: enough that they can get their hits in. In the RPG, not so much: the requirement to be in-hex to hit with any grab limits their ability to ever hit with a grab against even a basically savvy opponent. The original SF:tSG rules make a slight nod to this in the rules for "Spinning Piledriver," by giving it a Movement of two rather than the usual one that typifies grabs. Its value is very restricted, however, as only this particular maneuver has it as a feature.

Goutetsu has been thinking about this issue for a while now, and he's suggested the addition of a special maneuver to make up for this. Here's a draft version.

Giant Attack
Prerequisites: Athletics 1, Strength 5
Power Points: Sambo 3, NA Wrestling 3, Any 5 (In our house game, I would also give this to Professional Wrestling and other house styles, but these styles aren't part of the core rules.)
Giants walk the earth. From the patriotic world warrior Zangief, to the violent man child Hugo, and even to the Mayor of Metro City and the King of Muay Thai, giant fighters have often found a home, of sorts, in the street fighter circuit. Fighters are wary not to let these giants get too close... because once they grab you, it's already too late.
System: This maneuver may be used to modify any other maneuver that does not already cost Willpower. The card must be played alongside the modified maneuver. A Fierce Punch becomes a "Giant Fierce Punch," a Throw becomes a "Giant Throw," a Suplex a "Giant Suplex," and so on. The speed, damage, and movement of the modified maneuvers stay the same, but the maneuver gains +1 to its reach. This means that a Giant Attack applied to a Punch or Kick can hit an opponent one hex away from the fighter, and a Giant Attack applied to a Grab can catch opponents in an adjacent hex.
Cost: 1 Willpower
Speed: (+0)
Damage: (+0)
Move: (+0)
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