Sunday, December 5, 2010

Every Style is Unique

This post is a follow up to the Street Fighter Martial Arts Styles post from last week.

Last week, I put together a list of canon Street Fighter characters and their martial arts styles. Today, I'm doing the same thing from the opposite perspective. My basic question is something like this:

"What martial arts would I like to have available in a Street Fighter RPG campaign?"

My answer is a lot of them. The styles represented in the video games would be desirable, but they don't exhaust the list of even fairly well-known martial arts. Even Tae Kwon Do has only really been represented in a Street Fighter game since the release of Super Street Fighter IV. A number of other major styles are lacking as well, and in general the focus of the video game is (understandably) on characters rather than styles, leading to a proliferation of hybrid fighters who have essentially developed their own fighting styles.

As an aside, this strikes me as fairly realistic. It seems like every martial artist eventually opens a school, puts his name on a style, and calls it a unique martial art.

In any case, I have a draft list of martial arts for development for Street Fighter RPG play. I haven't prioritized these yet, but this is a current starting list. There's some overlap in the list, which is intentional. I have some ideas about overlapping styles that I may implement as part of developing these.
  1. Acrobat: Chun Li, Pullum, Skullomania
  2. Aikido:
  3. Ansatsuken: Gouken, Gouki, Ryu, Ken, Gen
  4. Bio/Cyber: Necro, Twelve
  5. Boxing: Mike, Mike Bison (Boxer), Dudley, C. Jack
  6. Bujutsu, Kanzuki-ryu: Karin Kanzuki
  7. Bujutsu, Old Style: Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase
  8. Bullfighting: Balrog (Claw)
  9. Capoeira: Elena
  10. Elemental Air:
  11. Elemental Earth:
  12. Elemental Fire: Gill
  13. Elemental Ice: Gill
  14. Elemental Water:
  15. Feng Shui Engine Power: Juri, Seth
  16. Gatka:
  17. Giant: Birdie, Sodom, Hugo, Zangief, T. Hawk, Sagat, Hakan
  18. Hapkido:
  19. Hwarang Do:
  20. Iaido: Sodom (Self-taught)
  21. Illuminati Martial Arts: Gill, Urien
  22. Jeet Kune Do:
  23. Judo: Abel, Ryu, Karin, Sodom (Self-taught), Dan (Self-promoted)
  24. Jujutsu:
  25. Kalari Payat:
  26. Karate: Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Dan, Sean, Gouken, Gouki, Sodom (Self-taught), Allen Snider
  27. Karate, Goju-ryu:
  28. Karate, Isshin-ryu:
  29. Karate, Kyokushinkai:
  30. Karate, Rindokan: Makoto
  31. Karate, Shorin-ryu:
  32. Karate, Shotokan:
  33. Karate, Uechi-ryu:
  34. Karate, Wado-ryu:
  35. Kendo: Sodom (Self-Taught)
  36. Kenjutsu: Hayate
  37. Kickboxing: Dee Jay, Ken, Allen Snider, Blair Dame
  38. Kobujutsu: Sodom (Self-taught)
  39. Kung Fu: Chun Li, Li, Yun, Yang, Rufus (Self-taught), Dan
  40. Kung Fu, Choi Li Fut:
  41. Kung Fu, Dragon:
  42. Kung Fu, Drunken Boxing:
  43. Kung Fu, Eagle Claw:
  44. Kung Fu, Eight Direction Fist: Karin Kanzuki
  45. Kung Fu, Eight Trigram Boxing (bagua):
  46. Kung Fu, Fujian White Crane:
  47. Kung Fu, Grand Ultimate Fist (taiqi): Chun Li
  48. Kung Fu, Hop Gar:
  49. Kung Fu, Hung Gar:
  50. Kung Fu, Labyrinthine Boxing (mizongyi):
  51. Kung Fu, Mind and Body Boxing (xingyi):
  52. Kung Fu, Monkey Boxing:
  53. Kung Fu, Seven Star Praying Mantis: Gen
  54. Kung Fu, Shaolin:
  55. Kung Fu, Shuai Jiao:
  56. Kung Fu, Snake Boxing:
  57. Kung Fu, Soaring Heavens (feitinkuen): Fei Long
  58. Kung Fu, Southern Mantis Boxing:
  59. Kung Fu, Tibetan White Crane: Gen
  60. Kung Fu, White Eyebrows:
  61. Kung Fu, Wing Chun:
  62. Kung Fu, Wudan:
  63. Martial Arts: Guile, Remy, Nash, Abel
  64. Muay Thai: Sagat, Adon
  65. Muki Boxing:
  66. Ninjutsu: Geki, Ibuki, Balrog (Claw)
  67. Ninjutsu, American: Sodom (Self-taught) (this is a bit… loose with canon, but...)
  68. Ninjutsu, Bushin-ryu: Guy, Maki
  69. Ninjutsu, Kanzuki-ryu: The Ganbaru Sakura manga introduces this style in a side story; no official video game characters use it, though Karion possibly would also count it among her many styles.
  70. Pankration:
  71. Psycho Power / Soul Power: Lord Vega (Dictator), Juni, July, Rose (Soul Power), Ingrid
  72. Saikyo-ryu: Dan
  73. Sambo: Karin Kanzuki
  74. Self-taught: Blanka, Sakura, Sodom
  75. Senjutsu: Oro
  76. Shorinji Kempo: Retsu
  77. Sonic: Guile, Nash, Dee Jay
  78. Special Agent Training: Crimson Viper, Sharon
  79. Special Forces Training: Guile, Nash, Alex, Abel, Rolento, D. Dark
  80. Special Forces, Shadoloo: Cammy, Juli, Juni
  81. Ssireum:
  82. Stick Fighting: Eagle
  83. Street Fighting: Birdie, Cody, Guy, Joe
  84. Sumo: E. Honda, Sodom
  85. Tae Kwon Do: Juri, Ryu, Dan (Self-promoted)
  86. Taikyon, Old Style:
  87. Tang Soo Do:
  88. Wrestling: T. Hawk, Zangief, El Fuerte, Hugo, Alex, R. Mika, Hakan, Darun
  89. Wrestling, Catch:
  90. Wrestling, Folkstyle (Thunderfoot): Thunder Hawk
  91. Wrestling, Freestyle:
  92. Wrestling, Greco-Roman:
  93. Wrestling, Kushti: Darun
  94. Wrestling, Lucha Libre: El Fuerte
  95. Wrestling, Mongolian (Bkyukl Bökh):
  96. Wrestling, Pro: Zangief, Alex, Hugo, R. Mika
  97. Wrestling, Turkish (Yagh Gures): Hakan
  98. Yoga: Dhalsim
  99. Yusul:
  100. ?: Q
A pdf copy of this list is available here.
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