Monday, December 6, 2010

Street Fighter Special Maneuvers -- An Expanded List

I've nearly covered the preliminaries for my house styles list for Street Fighter, but before moving forward I need to set out one more basic piece of information: the list of special maneuvers.

Our main Street Fighter run lasted roughly from the game's release in 1994 until 2003. The bulk of this covered three campaigns, and I still have copious notes. In that time, we added a lot of additional special maneuvers and martial arts styles to the game. What I'm working on now is in many ways little more than a reorganization and clarification of those materials, though of course it is influenced by the other gaming (and thinking about gaming) that I've done since. 

A few years ago, I put together a working table of all the special maneuvers we were using in a single table. That document will be a starting point for the martial arts style project. 

I use a lot of shorthand in the maneuver list to make it possible to squeeze all the information into the table format. Some clarifications can be found here

These are both "living" documents, which I'll be updating as we progress.
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